Rethinking brain health

We are on a mission to change the way the world thinks about brain health.

Oxford Brain Diagnostics is committed to analysing the cellular structure of the brain in a way no one else can, to support drug development and aid clinicians around the world in their fight to defeat Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.

The Challenge

Our novel technology assesses brain health based on changes in the cellular structure.

Our pioneering approach, and novel measures unlock unique insights that enable us to predict, detect, quantify, track and differentiate neurodegenerative diseases.

This gives us the potential to revolutionise how people think about brain health and disease management.

Our solution

Supporting more efficient drug development and personalised patient care.

Previously inaccessible insights unlocked by our proprietary technology will support more targeted, efficient drug development.

Our Science

Our products


  • Measures you can trust
  • Get more from your MRI
  • Run targeted, more efficient clinical trials
  • Efficient use of technology across multiple conditions

Our products


  • Better patient care
  • Improving certainty in diagnosis
  • Differential diagnosis for Dementia
  • Accurately tracking decline
  • Proactive brain health

Clinical Information

Latest news

OBD Guest Speaker series Dr Liana Apostolova
27 June 2022

Dr Apostolova, is an IU Distinguished Professor and the Barbara and Peer Baekgaard Professor in Alzheimer's Disease Research and Professor in Neurology, Radiology, Medical and Molecular Genetics. In this session, she provides a more detailed perspective on the dynamics surrounding the use of Aducanumab and how best to track the potential side effects of that use (ARIA) with effective tools like MRI monitoring.

University of Southampton, Emerging Therapies and Technology Trials at SETT
24 June 2022

Dr Steven Chance (CEO & Co-founder) is interviewed by Angus Prosser, Innovation Project Manager Southampton Emerging Therapies and Technology Trials Centre (SETT). Steven took the opportunity to share his experience into how early startups engage University departments who are designed to support the introduction of new innovative technologies into a real world setting.

OBD Guest Speaker series Dr Catherine Mummery
19 May 2022

A huge thanks to Dr Catherine Mummery for taking the OBD team through an extensive tour of the novel approaches in #dementia We found the discussions and the Q&A interactions insighful. The future looks incredibly promising and taking into account the developments in gene therapy is to be noted and kept a very close eye on.

CDM selected as secondary outcome measure in Phase 2 AD Trial.
News Release
30 March 2022

Cortical Disarray Measurement (CDM) has been appointed as a secondary outcome measure for a Randomized, Placebo, Controlled, Double-Blind Study of XPro™ in Patients with Mild Alzheimer’s Disease with Biomarkers of Inflammation. The trial sponsor is INmune Bio, a publicly traded (NASDAQ: INMB), clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on developing treatments that harness the patient’s innate immune system to fight disease.